Begin a Legacy

There are many ways to leave a lasting legacy to your community.  One of the most common and effective means of ensuring that the charitable organizations and causes you’ve loved during you lifetime will continue to be supported long after you’re gone is to name the Watertown Community Foundation in your will or estate plan.  Contributing to a qualified charity such as the Watertown Community Foundation can be very beneficial from a tax standpoint as well.

Here’s how it works:

You include the Watertown Community Foundation in your will as a bequest, and specify the purpose of the fund you would like to establish.  We can help you or your attorney with recommended language.

You notify us, and we will immediately recognize you for your gift.  You will then qualify for membership in our Legacy Society and, unless you request anonymity, your name will be published in the Legacy Society list in our annual report.

Upon your death, we will set up a fund in yor name, in the name of your family, or in honor on any person or organization you choose.

Your gift will be placed in a fund that is carefully invested and will grow over time; grant distributions from the fund will be used to address the community need you specified.

Our Board will issue grants in the name of the fund you wish to establish. (if you prefer, grants can be made anonymously).  Granting from fund begins when fund balance reaches $10,000.

We will handle all the administrative details.  Making a bequest to the Watertown Community Foundation is an easy way to transfer cash, appreciated stocks or bonds, real or personal property, or other assets.

Legacy Brochure